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Mar 20, 2011 8:00am EDT
will achieve victory on behalf of the people. we have all of us. you have the devil on your side. >>> an amazing story in japan. people found alive nine days after the disaster. >>> hello to you all from the cnn center in atlanta. i'm t.j. holmes and also saying hello, richard who is in london this mork. hey there. >> good day you to, t.j. richard quest in london. we would like to welcome as viewers not only in the united states but around the world. this is cnn's special coverage. >>> well, we'll check in with richard in a moment. we don't what to first get you caught up with the new information we have on libya. we are hearing about new strikes today by coalition aircraft, more specifically, 19 american warplanes including stealth bombers getting involved. our people at the pentagon telling us that american carrier jets launched from the m mediterranean are firing on government ground troops. coalition forces began the assault with american and british cruise missiles and french planes. they're targeting anti-aircraft and missile sites controlled by gadhafi. one of the main are
Mar 27, 2011 8:00am EDT
facing even after age 2. it's a lot safer. that does it for us this week. thank you for watching. more news on cnn starts right now. >>> good morning. libyan and rebel forces say they seized a key oil port, this as the opposition advances. they're crediting the coalition air strike with helping their cause. also in japan, water in a reactor tests ten million times normal for radiation levels. work stopped at that building. can the power company and the officials there now bring things under control? >>> hello there, everybody. good morning to you all from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia. this is your "cnn sunday morning." thank you for spending some of your weekend with us. i'm t.j. holmes. we do need to start. we have important gains to tell you about the rebel forces in libya. the forces are pushing westward. they have their eyes on tripoli. right now opposition troops have taken one city this weekend, rega, we got key word on another city they have taken. rebel fighters say they're on the outskirts now of another key strategic city, important for the proximity to the oil fields.
Mar 6, 2011 8:00am EST
differing accounts of who's in control. the government is claiming victory but witnesses tell us a very different story. saying the opposition is still in control. within the past hour, i talked with one witness in misratah, who was watching fierce fighting in the street. >> for the last 60 minutes or so i've been in the middle of gunfire, live gunfire between gadhafi militia and opposition, people taken to the streets. it seems like the fighting is taking place in the city center, we describe as the courthouse, the center of operations for the opposition. and we had reports this morning around 10:00 of three military groups, three pro-gadhafi military groups coming from three different angles. and i have seen people confirming the report that tanks have been deployed in this attack. six different is the number that has been mentioned frequently by people. >> let's move now to the capital where our nic robertson is standing by in tripoli. we saw massive celebrations this morning. they seem to believe that the government is still in control, that gadhafi is still in control, which would
Mar 13, 2011 8:00am EDT
, delivering aid. more u.s. ships are expected today or later this week. search and rescue teams from fairfax county, virginia, are there, others from los angeles are expected in japan soon. japan's prime minister went on tv again today to assure people that every effort is being made to get to victims of this massive disaster. >> translator: so with regard to the earthquake and tsunami, i am confident that the japanese people can be united to work together to weather this difficulty. >> japan's meteorological agency says the worst may actually not be over. there's a good chance of a magnitude 7.0 or larger quake in the next three days. >>> rescue and recovery, they are japan's top two priorities right now. let's go live to the search for survivors. any sign of life where are you? >> reporter: well, randi, i can tell you that just standing and looking out the immediate rescue immediate rescue has sloan down because night has fallen. we're not hearing that many choppers on the air. the rescue crews on the ground are starting to pull back. they have to wait until daylight for the bulk of the ne
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4